Founded by Aaron Westgate in 2009, Westgate Design|Works is a creative firm dedicated to creating works of enduring beauty and exceptional performance.

Fueling the woodshop fire with a blast of fine sawdust.

Fueling the woodshop fire with a blast of fine sawdust.


Aaron was raised in the mountains outside of Bellingham, WA by a master-woodworker father and a silver-smith mother. He's been drawing and building from the beginning, and has been mentored along the way by many of the best minds in the country. Now settled back in Bellingham, Aaron continues to refine his design practice while spending as much time as possible playing music, adventuring in the Cascades and San Juan Islands, and taking photographs.

Curriculum Vitae 

B.A. Environmental Analysis, Pomona College, cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, 2005

Design/Build Intern, Yestermorrow Design/Build School, 2005-2006

Special Assistant to Amory Lovins at Rocky Mountain Institute, 2006-2008

Instructor, Yestermorrow Design/Build School, 2008

Freelance carpenter, Vermont, 2008-2009

Lead Design Technician, Haven Design Workshop, 2012-2014

Founder and Lead Designer, Westgate Design|Works, 2009-Present

Selected Publications:

  - Closer to God, Gestalten, Berlin, 2010

  - Ultra Low-Tech Architecture, MONSA, Barcelona, 2011

  - Inhabitat, Archi-Europe,

Client Testimonials:

"Aaron’s skill and professionalism are rare and impressive. Throughout his several years working with us, first as an Analyst at Rocky Mountain Institute and later as an independent consultant, Aaron demonstrated a consistent commitment to delivering high-quality work requiring imagination, broad knowledge, integrity, and initiative.  Faced with demanding projects on tight budgets, such as designing and installing an indoor tropical jungle at 7100' in the Rockies, he has reliably delivered results that have exceeded my high expectations." 

Amory B. Lovins

Chairman and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute


"Aaron is an amazing individual in general, and particularly when it comes to turning my schematic and conceptual designs into concrete form and mass. He has that rare ability to fill in huge design gaps with thoughtful artistry and cohesive rhythm. My design concepts move forward through his hands and computer. He has the sense and skill to recognize my aesthetics and art, and remain true to them, while adding his own flourish and insight."

Buzz Ferver

Founder of Design Ecology, Board Member at Yestermorrow Design/Build School


"I initially came to Aaron with a vague idea, a bit of direction, and a specific budget.  He delivered results that made us ecstatic - a testament to his artful combination of creativity and prudentiality. Aaron’s work was indispensable in communicating the vision of my team's proposed distillery to our investors.  The renderings he provided were a critical leverage point in harnessing support for our business."

Jason Albert 

MBA Bainbridge Graduate Institute