Lap-steel Slide Guitar

Aaron built this guitar in the spring of 2015 as an experiment in sculptural instrument design. A slide guitar is an ideal candidate for creative design for two main reasons. First, since there is no need for an acoustic chamber, the form factor is very simple: provide a strongback base and attach a nut and saddle at an appropriate scale length. Beyond that, everything is open for creative design. Second, the vast majority of slide guitars are, quite frankly, ugly. A compelling category to aim for something different and better.

This instrument is built from curly spalted maple harvested on Sumas Mountain, WA, and ipe from a reclaimed deck. Featuring a Parsons Golden Age Humbucker and Gotoh gold tuners, just about everything else is custom fabricated. The headstock/tuner design allows nearly-straight string tensioning, and looks pretty nice to boot.