Vermont Temple

Created by Aaron Westgate, this one-person meditation temple is an exploration in micro-architecture.  The temple is designed to facilitate a single-use space for quietude and contemplation.  The structure is composed of entirely salvaged materials, utilizing familiar components in unconventional ways: stacked chunks of 2x4 that evoke corbeled masonry, corrugated galvanized steel sheets that were hand-flattened and trimmed into shingles, rafter-tail cutoffs that form an extremely strong, tension-reinforced conical roof.  Symbolically, the temple evokes the spirit of meditation: a chaotic exterior surface that resolves to order and harmony within, a circular eave climaxing in a central peak that represents the present moment, between past and future.

The Vermont Temple has been featured in Closer to God (Gestalten), Ultra Low Tech Architecture (Monsa), and on many design websites.